Quadrini Collection

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Belgian jacquard Wilton maestro, Louis de Poortere, has launched Splendore di Venezia, a collection of rugs inspired by the opulence and splendour of classical Venice.  
Using high-gloss polyester Rafia, a flat tape-like continuous yarn, Louis de Poortere has achieved a unique look for the collection, with the weaving process twisting and turning the high gloss bronze, silver and gold yarns for a dazzling, shimmering effect. Mixed with cotton chenille and woven into striking geometric and abstract patterns, this extra-strong yarn really sets Splendore di Venezia apart as a rug of supreme craft.  
Alan Russell, sales director UK, Louis de Poortere, comments: “Splendore di Venezia uses its specialised high-gloss rafia yarn as an ode to the precious metals, rare stones and noble fabrics adorning the homes and clothing of classical Venice’s elite. It’s a fabulous look that invites a closer look at the collection’s geometric and abstract patterns, revealing enchanting detail. The collection also underlines the exceptional efforts of our design and development team to bring homeowners fresh and exciting concepts not seen before.” 
Available in six small-scale geometric designs of Dolomiti, Nuovo, Quadrini, Rombo, Laccetti, and Cubetti as well as the abstract pattern of Gattopardo; the collection is certainly rich in choice. Each pattern is available in a range of both tonal and high-contrast colourways, allowing homeowners to pick the perfect look and celebrate the historic grandeur and cultural kudos of one of Europe’s most elegant and refined cities.  
In an 85% cotton/15% polyester Rafia blend, The Splendore di Venezia collection is presented in four standard sizes, a secondary backing gives a luxurious handle and results in a  reassuringly inviting 1700g/m2 weight for bliss-like comfort and enduring quality.